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Home Refurbishment & Remodelling  Across St Ives, Cornwall


Here at Rovano Architecture & Design Ltd, we offer a range of architectural services for properties all across St Ives & West Cornwall.


From new builds to property refurbishments, we can help you maximise space by designing a property that is bespoke just for you. After our initial consultation, we will begin working on your plans to ensure they represent your wants and needs for your upcoming project. 

If you are considering remodelling or refurbishing your property but not sure what you are after, you can view our completed projects as well as our current projects. To find our more about our history at Rovano, you can also check out our own personal projects.

For your free consultation, get in contact with us today.


At Rovano, we can help refurbish your home to make it work for you and your family.

Have you purchased a home that needs refurbishing or is your current property falling into a state of disrepair, we can improve broken, damaged or outdated structures through our clever architectural solutions. 

If you are remodelling, you may be looking for some small changes or more drastic measures might be required, such as adding additional rooms or converting the loft of your business.

A refurbishment can help reimagine a space and transform it into somewhere you can relax and enjoy. A refurbishment can take on many different guises, you may be looking for a subtle renovation such as improving the existing building, or more drastic measures may be needed, like demolishing walls or adding an additional storey to the building.

dining room

You may wish to restore a property to its former glory, or bring something new to a building to modernise it. 


There are all sorts of different reasons for refurbishment and remodelling, but no matter what your motivation is, we can come up with the perfect design for you.


We work to a style and budget that suits your requirements and help figure out what changes you are looking for.




Rovano Architecture provides superb designs for new build housing and house extensions across St Ives.

If you are looking to build a new house, or to transform the existing design, we are the ones for you.

Perhaps you love your existing house, but it now needs to be enlarged to meet your needs, or perhaps you need help to create your new dream house?

We work to your own budget, style and listen to your specific requirements when making plans.

Roof Terrace

Create Your Dream Home 

Turning your dreams into reality with architectural services guaranteed to transform your living space.

To arrange your free consultation, give us a call on 01736 796930

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