Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Bringing Ideas To Life

Rovano Architecture & Design Ltd helps people across St Ives and Cornwall bring their design ideas to life with our experienced architect service.

Here are some projects which we have helped bring to fruition - take a look through our completed assignments for design ideas or to find out what sort of job we can do for you.
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Lighthouse Hill, Portreath, West Cornwall

Redevelopment to provide two new, 4 bedroom family houses - a luxury dwelling on the lower part of the site for the client's own use, in contemporary style and opening up to the wonderful sea views; together with a more compact and traditional house for sale on the upper part of the site. 

Planning and Building Regulations consent has been received and the project is currently construction has been completed to a high standard by Paul Lord Building Contractor.

House Refurbishment & Extension, Coverack

Collaboration with Sarah Williams Architects. Rovano Architecture & Design Ltd were commissioned to provide construction drawings for this project, which completed in early 2015.

Bellair Terrace, St Ives, West Cornwall

Refurbishment and extension of a large Victorian terraced house to provide 5 bedroom family accommodation. 

Services included: full design and construction drawings and specifications, obtaining Planning and Building Regulations consent, and checking construction on site. 

The project has now been successfully completed by contractor H & L Construction Ltd. Interior photographs are by Iroka who furnished the property.

Two Houses At Portreath

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